Corporate Event Photographer

Photojournalist Event Photography services for: Corporate events, Conferences, Conventions, Music & Film Festivals.


Shot List

What are the important aspects of the event? Who are the important people? Are there any logistics to be aware of?

Event Coverage

Corporate events, Conferences, Conventions, graduations, trade shows, concerts, music festivals, film festivals.


We a cable of providing a studio environment at your event with printed souvenirs to hand out to your guests.

Turn Around

How fast do you need the images? We can provide immediate turnaround for publicity releases..

Frequently Asked Questions

Things to keep in mind as your moving forward with your project.

Tell me about your event?

What is the schedule. Are there any logistics to be aware of. Will there be a contact person at the event. Who is the event coordinator?

Do you have a shot list in mind?

Are there specific important people that need to be photographed? Any groups? Is there any swag/ merchandise that needs to be photographed? Do you need photographs of folks with any logos?

Do you need an additional services?

We can also provide a headshot booth, timelapse and video event coverage.

How do you plan on using the images and for how long?

Will you be posting them on your website, social media, advertising print campaign, brochures/ print collateral, trade magazines, book publication.
How long do you plan on using these images?

What is your timeline?

When do the images need to go to press?

What is your budget Range?

What is your budget range you would like to keep around?

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