Envision an elementary for you child that prepares your child to be an international citizen, how to speak 3 different languages, how to be an inquiry based learner, how to recycle, how to garden, how to use the latest in technology with computers, tablets, that supports the arts- in photography, video, painting, drawing and theater. Envision a international community of parents, teachers, and other children that posses these same values.
This place does exist in Austin Texas. The Magellan International School. www.Magellanschool.org
I got involved with these folks- because one of my favorite clients was a parent at this school. He told me about this school- the educational model and the insane amount of support the school gets from parents. It is really impressive actually the amount of support the parents give the school. They are as part of running that school as the staff is. It kinda reminded me of Hogwarts minus the magic and wizards.
We interviewed 10-15 kiddos. At one point I was a little intimidated by the 10 year because they spoke more languages then me.
I do have alot of experience working with kids professionally. In the past I have worked at a Talent agency teach classes where I would help develop kids to have camera presence as models and actors. I have worked with professional child/ teen talent on movies. On the other end of spectrum with children/teens with disabilities and under privilege exposed by war and the evils of the world. Then my favorite role I have 13 nieces and nephews.
With this experience and seeing this school- If I had a kiddo and had the 20k in yearly tuition, I would hands down be part of that community.
These kids will be the next generation leaders in our culture, leading us in new technology, saving the planet, bringing peace, building safer communities.

Nathalie Schweikert, a parent enthusiast of Magellan navigated me through and directed this project.

Magellan International School from Natalie Cass on Vimeo.