Industrial Manufacturing Photographer


Manufacturing & industrial photography for technology, manufacturing, construction, laboratories, oil and gas, 3d Printing and mining companies.

We work in all kinds of environments from clean, secure, loud, dusty, wet, cold, hot, and toxic.  


Handling industrial photoshoots with and experienced team! 

Industrial photography is a special art, and we are proud to be able to deliver it to our clients with the utmost efficiency. We work diligently to help our clients communicate their works visually and artistically in the construction/manufacturing/industrial sectors. Our skilled industrial photographers are always ready to serve clients, whether at their location or in a studio setting.

Be it for trade-show booths, brochures, or websites, we promise that our work will add value to all of your campaigns. If you are looking for skilled industrial photographers near me in Utah, contact us now.

Commercial Industrial/Manufacturing/Construction Photography Services:

Cass Studio is the best-rated photography and video production studio in Salt Lake City Utah, providing promising industrial photography services. We approach every project with the aesthetic sense of your audience. We capture all the activities and aspects carried out at your industrial, construction sites to demonstrate the quality of work and its smooth progress.

Industrial/Manufacturing/Construction Video Production Services: 

We help our clients make an ever-lasting impression on your current and potential clients with high-quality construction and industrial photography services. Whether you need photos for social media, editorial, print, PR, or the web, our industrial photographers have got your back. We provide you with engaging visual imagery that becomes a prime advertising asset to meet your long-term goals.

Have projects in need of industrial or manufacturing photographers? We’d love to assist you!