Editorial & Advertising Photography

We provide magazine editorial photography for annual reports magazine. It includes portraits of CEO’s, executives, athletes, musicians, government officials and celebrities.

Manufacturing and Industrial Photography

Manufacturing & industrial photography for technology, manufacturing, construction, and mining companies.

Commercial Product Photography

We provide commercial product photography for businesses encompassing the people, the processes and the products.  Along with with Amazon product listings.

Movie Photographer

Onset photography for Movies, TV shows, Reality Shows, Brand/ Movie Posters and EPK behind the scenes video.

Corporate Event Photographer

Photojournalist Event Photography services for: Corporate Events, Conferences, Conventions, Music & Film Festivals.

Corporate Video Production

Full service TV Film and Video production services. We specialize in brand videos, how to’s, product videos, and training videos. We start at concept provide story boarding, filming, post production/ editing services.

Humanitarian/ Non Profit

Whether you’re an established brand or beginning the process we are experts at executing your brand across multimedia platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Things to keep in mind as your moving forward with your project.

What is your Shot list?

What is your concept? Who or what are we photographing, at what sort of locations? Are there different categories, hierarchy of importance ?

Who is all involved?

Who are all the decision makers? Is there a design firm or agency involved? Who is going to be photographed? Who do we need to get special permissions from? Did you want a Vanity team with a hair makeup warddrobe artist?

Tell me about your Brand?

What is your brand feeling, concept, color palette, and target audience?
Who are your competitors. What is your history? Do you have a website?

How do you plan on using the images and for how long?

Will you be posting them on your website, social media, advertising print campaign, brochures/ print collateral, trade magazines, book publication.
How long do you plan on using these images?

What is your timeline?

When do the images need to go to press?

What is your budget Range?

What is your budget range you would like to keep around?

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