Corporate Video Production

We provide a full service approach to creating : web commercials, promotional videos, Corporate Videos and personality profiles. Create a custom video for your business. Grab your clients attention with a creative impactful video about your product.


Ad's and Social Promotional Videos

Creative concepts and execution of short commercials and product/service promo videos for TV and the web.

Business Profile Stories

Interview-driven documentary-style video profile stories for businesses, nonprofits, and individuals.

Educational Videos

Training videos and educational content for external or internal use.

Event Coverage Video Production

Capture the spirit of any event with event recap video.

Amazon Product Videos

Videos about your product or informational videos that are used on amazon to teach the consumers about how to use your product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Things to keep in mind as your moving forward with your project.

What is your concept/story, do you have a script and or a question list?

What is your concept? Who or what are we photographing, at what sort of locations? Are there different categories, hierarchy of importance ?

Who is all involved?

Who are all the decision makers? Is there a design firm or agency involved? Who is going to be photographed? Who do we need to get special permissions from? Did you want a Vanity team with a hair makeup warddrobe artist?

Who is your target audience?

Tell me about who the video is geared towards. What are their behaviors towards your subject. What are your competitors doing?

What do you want the viewers to feel, what is the call to action?

This is the big umbrella question of what feelings about your story, your brand your product that you want people to feel.  Then most importantly what is the call to action.

What is your timeline?

When do the images need to go to press?

What is your budget Range?

What is your budget range you would like to keep around?

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