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No more processed fast food for limited budgets.  It is now possible to eat healthy on a budget.  This new app created by Lauren Foster enables folks to put in a budget and get recipes that fit the budget.  The app pairs with different grocery stores with current prices and coupons of food items.

Stretch is a life made easy app that helps people pair their cash on hand along with food dislikes and can’t haves with nutritional chef recipes while earning points to redeem coupons.

Lauren Foster is a proud Chicago native and first generation college student and MBA. She has over 15 years sum total experience in Media, Telecommunications, and Real Estate. Her hobbies include top golf, dancing, and traveling. She founded Stret¢h because she wanted to make a tool that actually helps people with low budgets maximize their dollar and have access to more nutritional recipes. She herself grew up in a low income household without the tools to learn how to budget for groceries, nor to prepare healthy meals.

Thus, Lauren is on a mission to help everyone eat better and save more.

This is a video that I created with creative direction from Jodi Remaklus and edited by Christine Tseng.  On one a lovely sunday morning we drove across town to a grocery store the Crestview Minimax.


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