Weddings are not always happy stories.  Sometimes they end in ZOMBIES! Buah HA HA.  Perfect wedding day takes a turn for the worse for ZIlla & Henry as the wedding party turns into zombies during the ceremony and kills the pastor and the Groom must run for his life.  At the end the groom is faced with a moral dilemma – does he kill his not so beautiful Zombie Bride Zilla or do they find a way to make it work as Zombie and Human?

bridesmaid poisoning bride

The day started at glorious as you would suspect a wedding day should with all the typical chaos and loose ends.  We arrive in the brides room.  Burmuda our bridesmaid has a concoction to share with the other girls .  Its true Burmuda- is actually not a friend but a foe of queen I mean bride Zilla.

The decorations were glorious, the weather was wonderful.  What else could Bride Zilla want.  We are at the alter- Henry loves his Zilla and would go to the ends of the earth for her and with her.  There is nothing he wouldn’t do.  They have their funny friend Peter do the ceremony.  He’s quite the knee slapper.   Whats this- the girls are all ill.  Is it something Henry said?  Was it the clams I had? Henry wonders- What is going on?
wedding gone wrong

Gosh but- it was weird.  The weather turned the lighting changed.  Dude their faces are getting weird. Burmudas plan back fired.  The serum was in all of their wine not just Zillas. Zilla Burmuda and Mary before you  know it warp into Zombies. Zilla is no longer her refined elegant self.  ZOMBIE BRIDE. Henry is MEAT. There is a new chaos to the wedding- the videographer is getting it all on tape.  I hope the sound holds and they aren’t pissed about the audio. I wonder if he still take her as his bride.




Peter is just trying to get away- but the Zombie Burmuda wont have that.  Peter our preacher is out for the count.  Henry is struggling for his life and doesn’t understand this beast that is now Zilla. He wiggles his way out and is running away.  The Zombie wedding party team is now after him.

choas at the wedding alter

RUN HENRY!  But wait- he has a gun?  Off with Mary, Off with Burmuda…. but but- what about ZIlla.  Can he ka ka kill … his wonderful not so beautiful Zombie Bride Zilla. Maybe they can sorta live with their differences and learn how to communicate with the language barrier of Zombie and English.







The moral of the story- people go CRAZY about weddings- zombies humans alike.  Hire a wedding planner to avoid turning into a zombie.


This love story was all produced/ wardrobe, shot in one day.  We had a team of folks that put this together- for the shear fun of Zombies & corn syrup blood. Good fun destroying the wedding clothing. It was an odd marriage mix of shooting it like a movie minus the movie.

5D Mark III was used with the new wonderful  sigma 35 Prime lens, canon 300 mm and 14 mm.

Created/ Produced by : Natalie Cass & Ruben Lah

Photographers- Natalie Cass, Ruben Lah

Hair/ Makeup / Special Effects Stylists- Sarah Rigdon, Shanna Sawatzki, Lisa Smith

Wardrobe Stylist/ Producer- Lisa Smith

Bride- Jace Alana; Groom Larry Filion

Bridesmaids- Bianca Teh & Claressa Swensen


Created by Natalie Cass